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We only have 8 days, 192 hours, 11,520 minutes until Frida leaves us. No matter which way you measure her time that she has left, Frida is going to go back home to Sweden wayyy tooo soon! But I am sure for you Swedes, the time couldn't come sooner!!! But for us Americans, we are trying to savor every last minute that we can. I remember when she hit her half way mark here, and I just thought wow, that's going to suck when she leaves! But here it really is! Time is dwindling down.. Ahhh. :( Although I am super glad the Frida did decide to come live here in America for a year, that decision definitely made Tremont senior year soooo much more enjoyable!! From volleyball to the cruise to track. So many fun times that would never have occurred with out her here! Example, I never would have dreamed last year that I would have been sailing to the Bahamas with some Swedish girl! And it was the most fun thing EVER!

I also wouldn't have done track either! She talked me into that, and I'm so glad I did it because there are so many memories that were made! One thing I also never thought I would be doing  is go to Chicago and stay in a hotel with a foreign family who speak Swedish the majority of the time! That was an experience for sure, and very fun to listen to also, even though I had no clue what they were saying, still cool! Also Frida has most definitely cultured us Americans a lot better. If you didn't know... We aren't very smart with what goes on around the world other than what our country is involved in, a also don't learn geography very well in Tremont.. When Frida first came her she asked me where I thought Sweden was... and well let’s just say I was a little off... I said Africa... Ooops! Don't judge. Anywaysssss. I'm sure you Swedes are super excited to get her back home, probably just as excited as we are sad for her to leave us here.  However as I stated before, Frida leaves in 8 days, leaving the life that she has created here with her american family and her american friends, and is just going to leave it forever in just 8 short days. She really fit in here and we are going to miss her beyond belief. You Swedes take care of her when she gets back! And I plan to see all of you in 2013. So until then! :)




Love you Fridos. Du ar min svensk!

-Sida aka Paige

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Åh! så fint. Kramar till er båda. Moster

2012-06-07 @ 20:51:05

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