Why hello! For starters.. This isn't Frida, It is her friend Paige! (the one in her videos!) I decided to test all of your english! I wonder if you guys are reading this with difficulty or if you can understand this perfectly!? Hmm Tell me if you can understand this or not! :) Tonight Frida and I are going to a basketball game! It is her first one! Yaaay! I like taking her to things she has never done before. It is fun. We are going to watch my cousin! 
Today we also went tanning. Got to get ready for the awesome cruise that we are going on! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! It is going to be so so so so so so so sooooo fun! We get our own room on the boat! And it even has a window in it so we can see the ocean from our room! Not that we will ever really be in our room.. We are stopping at nassau bahamas and freeport bahamas. I hope we snorkel or something:) All the food is free on the boat too.... Uh oh! :x

Thanksgiving is coming up! Here is a short history lesson for you swedish people. Thanksgiving is when the pilgrams came to America, which is how i am able to live here now! Yaay pilgams! Go pilgrams go! As many of you may have read in an earlier post.. I broke my leg! But my cast comes off in 7 days!! ONE MORE WEEK!
I hope someday i will be able to come visit Frida! Then i will be able to meet all of you people:) Sweden seems like it is a lot cooler then it is here in America. All the stories and people that Frida tells me about just seems so awesome and fun! Hopefully i will be able to experience the awesome magnitude that sweden has! I have a question.. Do a lot of people have diamonds in your tooth like Frida? Tell me if you do! I had never seen that before. They are awesome! Okay, I have to go now to the basketball game! Eeee! I don't know how you spell this correctly in swedish.. but Heydo! Or Bye! :)

Postat av: cornelia

Hahaha nu vet jag ej om jag ska skriva på engelska eller svenska med Frida, hälsa Paige att det är en barnlek att förstå det där, att många har diamanter på sina tänder och att svenskar tycker exakt samma sak om usa - att det verkar så himla mycket coolare:]

2011-11-22 @ 09:58:18
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Postat av: Anonym


It's really easy to understand your post since we start studying English at 9 years old. And the diamond thing, haha a few people have it, but far from everyone :) and I think America sounds way cooler than Sweden for sure ;)

2011-11-22 @ 17:48:19
Postat av: Anonym

understood completely ;)

2011-11-22 @ 21:57:05
Postat av: Sara

it was really easy to understand ^^ hehe

hur har du det Frida? :D hör av dig :)

2011-11-23 @ 00:15:28
URL: http://thesaranilsson.blogg.se/

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