You just love to "fika", and know that it is an activity that is meant to last for hours and is not the equivalent of going for a coffee.


You brag about the free healthcare and the free school system to every non-Swede that you have a political conversation with.


You have absolutely no idea what is meant by” Swedish massage” that keeps being advertised as a hot item in spas all over the world.


You feel bad if you’re not outside on a sunny day.


You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden.


Making fun of Norway is a national institution. And vise versa.


You get guilty conscience from throwing things in the dustbin that could have been recycled.


You constantly have to point out that not EVERYONE in Sweden is blonde, in fact you add that most people are not.


You know almost every other country in the world as well as most capital cities, or have at least studied this for a Geography test.

You actually miss “Knäckebröd” when you are abroad but never eat it in Sweden since it's too dry


Every time you see a Swedish brand/actor/company/phone/car/furniture store you feel compelled to point that out to your friends (with bottomless pride in your voice)


People say your name in fifty different ways, but no one can get it right.


You seriously want to hurt non-Swedes who ask "how's life in SWITZERLAND?"


People ask you if you have polar bears on the streets and you try to spread the myth further by saying it is true.


You love complaining about Sweden when you are there and state "it's much better in Sweden" when you are abroad


You take your shoes off when entering a house, and don't get why non-Swedes find that funny


It annoys the hell out of you that there is no good translation for the word "lagom" in any language


Whenever discussing international problems you always, without exception state that "why don't you do it like we do it in Sweden?"


You don't mind walking instead of taking the car


You insist that Swedish chocolate is the best in the world, despite what the Belgians and the Swiss might say


You make new friends by talking about the weather



Haha det mesta är så sant!!!

Postat av: cornelia

hahahaha så himla roligt. alltså vaFAN JAG VILL OCKSÅ ÅKA TILL USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2011-12-21 @ 21:56:21

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